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2023 Client Survey

As a valued client of mine, thank you so much for taking time to provide valuable feedback.  I always want to make sure that I am always improving my service as well as offering new opportunities and services that fit my clientele's wishes. Not all questions are required, but all responses are helpful!

After submitting the survey you will be emailed a promo code you can present at your next service for $20 off your service of $200 or more. $15 off any service less than $200. 

How often are you able to find an appointment that fits your schedule?
How soon do you usually book your appoitment?
Do you feel comfortable using the Waitlist feature if you can't find an appointment time?
Do you feel confident in the service type you need to book for? (Maintenance, Partial etc)
If you wanted to see more availability on my schedule, what would you like?
What day of the week do you prefer a hair appointment? (Select up to 3)
If you are to refer a friend, how do you give them my information?
Thinking back to November & December of 2022, how easily were you able to book your desired appointment?
When you are in the Lower East Side, how easily are you able to find a coffee shop you like?
When visiting a coffee shop in NYC, what is usually important to you?
What is usually MOST important to you?
When do you usually buy a coffee from a cafe for TO GO?
When do you usually buy a coffee from a cafe for STAYING IN?
How often do you get your finger nails done at a nail salon?
Do you have a regular nail salon you visit?
What do you usually get at the nail salon?
Do you get designs on your nails?
What prevents you from getting your nails done more often or with a more complex service (Designs, Tips, Different Gels, etc)

Thanks for submitting! Check your email for your discount code!

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